Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give that man a rod and he will feed his family for life! The farming industry is the backbone of the Eswatini community and essential for survival. Volunteering in Eswatini on our farming program will provide massive benefits to this community. During your time as a Volunteer you will help local farmers and learn from them, as well as passing your own knowledge on. The work will be hard and tiring, but as the saying goes - No pain, no gain! When your time on the program draws to close, you will be able to see how much of an impact you have made to the lives of the residents and feel the warm gratitude of each and every person. This is a great opportunity to experience Eswatini culture.


Making a difference in Eswatini is a humbling and life-changing adventure. Buckswood can help you to make the most out of your opportunity by setting up a work placement in a local school. Schools in Eswatini tend to be poor in facilities, but are extremely wealthy in their welcome and love. Typically supplies and books with be minimal. You may find yourself in a class with 40 students whilst there are only chairs for 20. What these schools lack in material, they more than make up for with their sense of community.

We can offer you a chance to be a part of a school and join the community to make a huge impact. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will need a willingness to help and get involved and will teach lessons to the youth of Eswatini. You will be rewarded with the smiles and gratitude of the students.

There are two teaching routes you can take: General Teacher or Mathematics teacher. Every child is one caring adult away from being a success story. Every child loves the wonders of learning and discovery. As a child, stumbling across new things is an extremely exciting endeavour and the possibilities seem endless.

Every child loves to read, if you give them a book, they are happy and you will see lots of smiling faces looking back at you. Education is as equally important in a Swazi child’s life as it is in any other. What these children lack is not enthusiasm or willingness, it is teachers. The children come with buckets full of passion for learning, all they need now is a passionate teacher to guide them along their way. Education is essential for a child’s upbringing. Join a school and make a child’s dream come true.


If you are a blossoming doctor or nurse, then Swaziland is calling! Good Shepherd Hospital in Siteki is in need of Medical Volunteers. The hospital is only 10 minutes away from the Buckswood House by Combi. This teaching hospital is an excellent place for you to help so many people within this beautiful land, developing your medical skills along the way. You will learn from the staff at Good Shepherd, who are very used to welcoming medical students from around the globe into their wings.

Sports Coach

Every child loves sport. Give a child a ball and they are happy! Football and netball play important roles in a Swazi child’s school life. Sports and exercise go hand in hand with education and are vital for any growing child. A healthy body means a healthy mind. We are calling for Sports Coaches to come and get involved in the mentoring of these children. Whilst there is a lack of equipment, there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm. We offer the opportunity for you to get out in the red dust and kick, flip and throw a ball around with the Swaziland community, teaching them the tricks and trades of the sport your love.

To help you fulfil this placement, we can set up a placement in a local school, where you will be able to take classes and coach them in sports including football and netball. The classes tend to be very large in size, sometimes having in excess of 30 students in one class, but the determination and curiosity of each child will make it very rewarding. This is a great opportunity to Volunteer in Eswatini and make a difference.




Before I came, I had never heard of Eswatini. As a small, poor country adjacent to south-Africa, it had never registered in my Central-European mind. Following recommendations from friends, I signed up for the annual trip. I had never been outside of Europe, so this was going to be an adventure… And what an adventure it turned out to be!

The landscape is magnificent. Sunrises and sunsets alone would make going worth it! While there, we restored a rural school. Many of the children did not have shoes or clothes other than what they were wearing when I met them. Their only meal, usually some form of porridge, was given at school. And still, one thing cannot be debated: those were, by far, the kindest, loveliest and most pure-hearted people I have ever met!

I experienced many things, from planting orchards, gifting food aid to the poor, to visiting an AIDS hospital. We totally immersed ourselves in the local Swazi Culture. We saw many things on this once in a lifetime trip, be it the most beautiful scenery, the wildlife in the game parks, to meeting the locals and the royal family. The friends I made sitting around the Buckswood Hilltops campfire will be with me forever! But… When I now think back, I think of the people, the sense of welcome, the pure joy, and the love they showed me. Coming to Eswatini has been the greatest experience of my life… and I promise to come back!

– A few words from Tim, Buckswood adventurer.

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